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All Powerstone software applications are written in PHP and JavaScript with their source codes open, meaning we do not encrypt our source codes, so it is easier for any good developer to edit or customize our scripts according to their preference.
If you ever have any challenges using any of our software or wish to make further enquiries before purchase, please kindly use the contact/support button to reach us and our staff will be happy to help you through.
Affiliate Me
Powerstone Affiliate Me

Affiliate Me is an affiliate marketing and referral tracking software application written in PHP to help online store owners create their own affiliate network in less than 2 minutes.

It comes with the capability to help you create ad banners for which your affiliates can put on their website or links that they can share on social media to direct traffic to you for some commission.

It's easy to install and unlike other affiliate tracking apps, Affiliate Me has some smart and advanced features that can put you ahead of your competitors. Also comes with free updates every six months


Username: demo
Password: demo.demo

Demo link:


For the user side you can sign up yourself to test it.

Please we have realized that some customers mistakenly thought Affiliate Me could track sales across domains and after the purchase and they realize it does not work they try giving us negative feedback but please we would like you to know that as of now it does not support cross-domain tracking, however we are working around the technology, you can only track the host domain and it's sub domains as of now, thanks so much, feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Version 3.0.6 (Reloaded) Change log (14/08/2020)

    Extra layers of security
    Now Supports Percentage commission for affiliate sales
    Now supports email templates
    You can now add specific URL/landing pages to banners
    Now Supports Cost Per Click (CPC)
    Email alert on successful sale to affiliate
    Multiple language support (English, French and Spanish), you can add yours too
    Users can select language from login page
    Supports social share buttons on banners
    Drag and drop image file upload now supported
    In-depth analytics of clicks/sales from domains
    Admin can now restore cancelled commissions
    Admin can now see transaction ID for sales
    Deprecated encryption key option for security, replaced with domain validation

Version 2.1.4 Change log (25/08/2019)

    3 Payment options including PayPal
    Pure PHP coded with comments, no encryption, easily customizable
    Admin can add unlimited banners
    See link and banner clicks that did not end up in sale
    See websites that send you affiliate traffic
    Paypal sandbox mode toggle
    Alexa rank and country rank checker with store screenshot
    New version change log viewer
    Intelligent Newsletter Robot (Automated)
    Server cookie (PHP session) control
    Pretty URL used for affiliate links (Optional)
    PHP pagination of tables instead of the javascript
    Admin can cancel a referral if it is invalid before it becomes converted
    Manual and Automated referral conversions
    Account login history now display country flags as well as browser and operating system logos
    One click update button with update server
    Ability to choose time zone
    Fixed all known bugs within the system

Version 1.0.0 (25/12/2018)

    Unique QR Code Generator
    SMS Alert System
    Smart System Settings
    Affiliate Map Location Tracker
    SMTP Email Support
    Smart Bulk Email System
    World Class Messaging System
    Notification Header
    Error Logging System
    Self Diagnostics System
    Application Server Monitor
    Full Referral Statistics Chart
    Login History Tracker
    Smart Installer Wizard
    PayPal Payout Support
    Spam Control Feature
    Sleek Admin Dashboard
    Referral History
    Payment History
    User Management System with "Last Seen" Feature
    Multiple Administrator Feature
    Mobile Friendly
    og attribute optimized
    Password Strength Meter
    Easy to Integrate
    Well Explained Documentation
    These and many Other Features

PHP version 5.5.38 or higher
MySql Version 5.X
mbstring extension
mysqli extension
gd extension
Cron job

1.Download the app after purchase
2.Extract the contents of the zip folder
3.Open the folder named "app" from the Affiliate Me folder and read the documentation on how to install & set it up.
4.To use Affiliate Me is simple, just copy the javascript tracker code generated on the "Marketing tools" page and paste it on both the checkout and the payment successful pages of your online store accordingly and set a percentage or fixed commission for your affiliates to earn after which you wait patiently for Affiliate Me to start tracking the sales generated by your affiliate links :)
IMPORTANT: Remember to request for your "Update Server License Key" after purchase, this will help you directly update your application without having to download and upload before updating on your server
Affiliate Me
Affiliate Me
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