Powerstone Affiliate Marketing
Make some money with us by simply referring customers to us and you will earn up to 10% commission on every sale made from your referred customers, it's completely free, all you need is a computer or a phone to spread the word!!!

1. Simply click on the "Account" button and signup by clicking on the signup link or using any of the social media buttons to login and if you are already an existing customer, you just need to log in using any of the login buttons after clicking the "Account" button.

2. After a successfull signup or login, go to "My Affiliate Dasboard" and click on "Marketing tools" to begin, you can easily share our links on your social media profile using the social share button or copy and paste the HTML code of our products and services on your blog or website in return for commission.

1. Are your commissions recurring for referred customers?
Unfortunately, no the commissions are earned once per referral and does not recur if that same customer renews their services.
2. How do I monitor my referrals?
We provide you with a dashboard that helps you monitor all your referrals in real-time with maps and graphs so you have nothing to worry about in this case.
3. How soon can I withdraw my earnings?
Earnings can be withdrawn anytime and we pay out on the 1st of every month, the waiting period for a commission to be available is 7 days after the purchase is made and the minimum treshold for withdrawal is $10.
4. What are your payment methods?
We payout with PayPal, Bitcoin and Ghana MTN Mobile Money.

Please if you do have any other further questions, kindly use our CONTACT PAGE, and our team will be ready to explain everything to you. thanks.
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