About PTS Technologies (Powerstone)
Power's Tone Super Technologies (PTS Technologies) AKA Powerstone started as an electronic engineering firm that produces printed circuit boards, repair electronic equipments, assemble DVD players and build custom audio amplifiers, it was founded in 2007 by Newhope Bedzra as Powerstone Electronics, it's goal was to be the backbone for electronic engineering within it's community, but that certainly changed a few years later and we're now providing tech solutions worldwide.

Powerstone in 2014 not being limited by technology decided to expand it's services by providing web design solutions to companies and individuals around the world and she began her web hosting service in 2015, in 2017 she started the journey of software engineering and has created awesome software application for some few companies around the globe, so she later decided to start creating software products in 2018 and has since then launched some cool products that are boosting online businesses around the world, you can check our product store or our codester profile for our portfolio, to add to this, www.vibaze.com was fully created by Powerstone here in Ghana and it's one of our greatest creations ever.
Newhope Bedzra, CEO & Founder of PTS Technologies.
Also: Senior Software & Electronic Engineer.
As Powerstone became very industrous in 2014 it decided to expand it's services to cover other technological fields and as an advanced tech company with multiple fields of experience, we are determined to do more for you regardless of your locations and also continue to learn more to improve upon our technologies.

No company grows without customers, which is why we cherish our customers so much, we are here because of you and we work tirelessly 12 hours a day and 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday, but our hotline +233249679715 is available 24/7 to help you, we currently have a very few staff with the purpose of reducing the number of staff members on our monthly payroll in order to be able to provide you with quality services at the cheapest rates. We may sometimes be offline on the livechat, but we are always at work, send us a message by email or WhatsApp and get replied in 3hrs maximum, we are located in Ghana, The Eastern regional capital; Koforidua.
Newhope Bedzra
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