Powerstone Custom Software
With our over 5 years experience in web software application development you can be assured of quality service at affordable cost.
We're the best in Ghana when it comes to custom PHP web application development, yet our prices are so cool.
We cover a wide range of industries including music/entertainment, security, finance, web hosting, ecommerce, agriculture etc.

With our modern technological advancements we also automate our software applications where necessary, example; we have automated our own website to create, suspend, unsuspend or even terminate cPanel accounts as well as automatically send SMS and email notifications when your order(s) is/are about to expire and take the needed action if customer fails to renew. We did all these by ourselves while other web hosting companies use WHMCS and pay not less than $15/month.

All we are trying to let you know is that we understand the language of the future, which is Artificial Intelligence and Automation and we have invested our time to be very innovative in these areas because we know you will need them, with our technology you can schedule tasks or even relax while your software automatically takes care of some of your work for you and alert you upon completion for manual confirmation.

In addition we also have a good reputation at www.codester.com of Netherlands after creating software applications that have taken businesses to the next level, so you can see we know what we are doing.

Below are some of the features to be included in your software package;

Free Hosting
As experienced web hosting company we would provide you with the needed web hosting package which suits your software application for one year, remember this feature is free and you can choose to host your application elsewhere and we shall do it for you without any issues.

Custom Crafted
We take our time to program your software exactly as you want it and even as we develop it we test it live along with you so that you can access the features for yourself and make adjustments where necessary.

Free Domain Name
We offer you a free domain name for one year when we develop your website for you, this is also a free feature and is optional.

Admin Dashboard
Our applications come with a modern administrator control panel, you can take a look at examples from the demo versions of our software products, these control panels help you to manage your software as well as monitor it easily.

Fully Secured
Our applications are very secure, because we hack them ethically to be sure of their security before we deploy.

Fully Automated
As we have explained above, we automate our software applications where necessary so that it lessens the burden on you and your staff.

Well Commented Codes
Our codes are well commented so that you know what every chunk of code does, we do not encrypt our source codes, they are open, this makes it easy for other developers to edit or add their own codes.

Dedicated Customer Support
Powerstone offers you one full year of dedicated customer support for custom applications, we are there for you anytime you need help with anything regarding your software and this service is free for one year, after one year you can renew the tech support.
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