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1. I want to set up a spamming website, please do you support it?
So sorry to dissapoint you pal, but we do not under any circumstances allow spamming websites on our servers, please take note, you will be asked to stop spamming when we notice it, however, if you still continue we reserve every right to suspend your account untill we are convinced you wont spam again.

2. What are your nameservers?
Our nameservers are: and, however, we will send this to you upon setting up your hosting account.

3. Where are your hosting servers located?
Our servers are located in France, UK and USA.

4. Do you allow adult websites?
We allow all sorts of websites including video websites BUT NO adult content websites or websites that promote illegal contents, such violence, hacking etc and we do not entertain spammers either! No illegal materials are allowed to be hosted here, thank you.

5. Can I use my server space for storing files alone?
Please NO, and you must be aware that even though we say we shall give you unlimited server space you should also know that in the case of technology, there is no such thing as unlimited space, so please try to limit the amount of content to be stored on the server, we do not allow users to use their server space just to store documments.

My emails seems not to go through when sent, why?
Check to see if the recipient address is correct, if it is, then it is likely our shared hosting IP is blacklisted so check your spam folder (this is a common problem with all hosting companies in the world), due to spammers on the server, however, do not worry, we might have already been informed and are putting in necessary measures to solve the issue which might take up to 48 hours maximum, but you will still be able to send and receive incoming messages, just that sent emails may end up in the receipients spam folder, note that no hosting company is immune to this and no hosting company will delibrately sell hosting to spammers, thanks.

cPanel license has expired, I need your help!
Thanks dear for informing us, we are already aware and have notified our software vendor for the necessary solution, give us a few hours and it will be re-activated, thanks.

8. How long does it take for you to design/develop a website?
Designing a website can take about three weeks if you have all your contents ready, however, it can take as long as it should if you don't present your web ready contents on time, so the faster you present your contents the earlier your site gets published. You should also know that we do not design social media websites but rather we build them using scripts which we customize to suite your requrements, and these sometimes only takes 2 weeks to be completed if you have your contents ready since we don't need to generate the codes ourselves, but aside social media websites, we design all other websites ourselves including database driven or dynamic websites which need some time to be completed successfully, we are also able to bear the work load and still beat our deadline, however if there will be any problem we make everything clear to you but never dissapoint you, and we do all these at the cheapest rates because designing is our passion and not just business, feel free to contact us for a free quote and we promise you will be happy after everything.
Powerstone Frequently Asked Questions


Please note that Powerstone does not use any open source application like wordpress, joomla or drubal in developing it's websites, Powerstone loves to always DESIGN websites from scratch by prudentially thinking and programming every block of code to achieve the customer's desire, this helps us to create websites that really works for your industry or niche and not just any fancy stuff.
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